sam/18/columbia, sc

my love is currently occupied

If you don't mind me asking,how old is your boyfriend?
- Anonymous


Omgg i live in cloumbia to! 😍 ily btw ur amazing
- 5-second-cinema

aw!! maybe I’ll cya around town :-)

aren't you still in high school?
- Anonymous

nope i graduated this year!

Post a selfie i love your contour!!
- Anonymous

i don’t contour my face anymore but if u wanna see some recent selfies look at my ig @/sn0ok!!!

i hope you answer this, what blue did you use?
- Anonymous

if ur reffering to my hair color atm then mint by ion!

Just out of curiosity, are you naturally thin? Or do you eat healthy and all?
- Anonymous

naturally thin

I love you so much your blog makes me so happy and every time I see you post on ig I smile, you bring joy to my day and I want you to know that!!!!!!!
- Anonymous

ah i haven’t been on tumblr in forever but ty! n that’s too sweet i’m blshin hope u had a lovely day

do u and your bf live together now? :---)
- Anonymous

we do! we moved to columbia about a month n a half ago now :-)

where are your favorite places to shop?
- Anonymous